Me Time


Sometimes you just need to break free from all the things that you have been doing to know what you want to do with your personal life/work/dreams. Which is also part of the reason why people go travelling aroud the world or in their own country.

For me, I love to go to the beach alone and go to the area where no one is around, with no disturbance, so that I can do some self-thinking. Or explore around Singapore where I never go before. As I also like to take photos. I may not be a skilled photographer, as I am still learning to train up my photo skills. What about you? Where do you go and what do you do to relax yourself?

Wife Must Shave For Husband?



Just because Kang Gary married to a non-celebrity and not married to Song Ji Hyo, this Monday Couple(MC) fan become an anti-fan of Gary? Is it a must that wife must shave for husband? Search online for answers I don’t find any answers that wife must shave for husband. If husband arm/hand is injured, wife will help to shave for him. Since Gary is not injured, why must his wife shave for him? She can choose when to shave for him when he is not even injured.

She become an anti-fan after Gary announced that he is married to another girl. And insist that Gary to give her an answer why he didn’t give a proper breakup with Ji Hyo. How to breakup when they (Gary and Ji Hyo) is not even dating each other in real life? She still in her dreamland that MC is a real life couple. Since when is MC is a real life couple? Both Gary and Ji Hyo already mentioned many times that they are not dating each other. it is this fan who keen insisting that they are real couple (You can go and see her older posts before Gary’s announcement is posted, she wrote “Gary ❤Jihyo is REAL” in all her post captions). Every Running Man(RM) members is given a different role in RM. Lee Kwang Soo’s role is betrayer and to act silly in RM. I don’t see fans take Kwang Soo seriously that he will betray people in real life. RM is a variety show not a documentary.

What is Variety Show?
Variety shows, also known as variety arts or variety entertainment, is entertainment made up of a variety of acts including musical performances and sketch comedy, magic, acrobatics, juggling, and ventriloquism. It is normally introduced by a compère (master of ceremonies) or host.

What is Documentary?
The definition of documentary is a film or television program that shows a story or situation truthfully. An example of something documentary is evidence that proves someone’s alibi during the time of a murder; documentary evidence.

Fidget Cube – Qoo10



The price says it is SGD 0.99. Actual fact is . . .


It is actually the 2nd most expensive fidget toy in Qoo10. Other sellers selling at least SGD 6.99 after add on if I want to choose pink colour. This seller selling, is like daylight robbery. If want more people to buy from them, they should be honest. Adding a few dollars is ok. But not like this.

Notebooks, Papers and Technology


Traditions, everyone is using feather pen to write on papers. Follow by fountain pens then slowly to ballpoint pens, gel pens, FriXion pens (Eraseable pens). Fountain pens is still trending.

Boogie Board comes out a device which you can use it like paper except it is not a paper, it is actually a LCD. I have all their devices. Their latest device is Sync. Which you can sync it to their app. It is also rechargeable.

Even in today’s technology, papers is also upgrading. Rocketbook created Wave. A notebook which you can microwave it to erase the notes you wrote in the notebook. You can also scan the notes written on it to your Rocketbook app, or you can also scan it to your email, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive. Now they created Everlast which you can erase anything you want to erase in your notes. You can also scan your notes to Rocketbook app, or you can also scan it to your email, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive. These two notebooks is actually save papers and reuseable. which is why I really love their ideas.

Moleskine comes out a new notebook called Smart Writing Set. They selling it at USD 199.00. When you use finish the notebook, you have to buy the notebook again.

If I were to compare between Wave, Everlast and Moleskine Smart Writing set. I will prefer Everlast. Cos it is cheaper and environment friendly. Everlast is selling at USD 34. Wave is selling at USD27. And Moleskine Smart Writing Set is selling at USD199. Which one save paper and cheaper cost? Wave and Everlast notebooks.

I can’t wait for my Everlast notebooks to arrive. I bought a few copies as helping my friends to bulk order together. I bought Everlast as I dont use microwave.

Gaming and Books



Had finish building the Tropical Island in Sims Freeplay. Didn’t build the Mermaid Reef as find it useless. Now it look like Sentosa theme. Hahahs. Except there is only one beach. And no bus to shuttle people around the island, no hotel.


Had play Smurf Village 2 to the highest level. Highest level is level 41. To buy another hut, have to go to level 42. How to go to level 42 when it says highest level is 41?

Been reading Tablo‘s first book, Pieces of You. It also have page marker. So I do not need to use bookmark to mark where I stop. Also bought both Korean version and English version of his second book BloNote. It comes with a radio CD, too, only when you buy the combo set. It is a good buy.

This blog is like no readers at all. But then it is ok. I’m not blogging to gain readers or anything at all. Just blogging what I have in my mind.

Games Status and Notebooks



Had unlock and build this Sea View Bungalow. So tiny. Only have one bedroom, one living room, one toilet, one mini kitchen. Cant add or move furniture. I thought able to make it a permanent home for the sims. Looks like it is more like a chalet in the end. Should I build Coastal Dining?


Had complete collecting all the Global Community prizes.

Current just installed a new game.  Ghost Town Adventures. Similar to Smurfs Village. Except you don’t do gardening. It is more to killing bad ghosts and help good ghosts. Very easy to play.

Been visiting Indiegogo website for the past few days. Had bought Everlast notebook by Rocketbook. Pending for their app to be more stable while waiting for the notebooks to ship to me. Really love the idea of reuseable notebooks. No need to worry about papers anymore. I posted about Everlast notebook in my earlier post. You can read it for more details. And I also wrote about Lockbook by FP Life Technology. This is for those who prefer their notes to be locked and/or who loves to decorate their planner they way they want. Not that you can’t decorate your Everlast notebook. You can use FriXion pens to doodle on it. While for Lockbook, when it is full, you need to store the notes in another file or you can use other methods to store your old notes. For Everlast notebook, you can scan them into Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, email or Rocketbook app. And use a moist cloth to erase your notes after you scan them. And you can reuse it again and again. I will be using it as my planner. And I already plan the layout on how each single pages is use.